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Character ID:871881468772
Adventure Class:Coercer (120)
First Tradeskill:Scholar (19)
Secondary Tradeskills:
Tinkering (0/0)
Adorning (0/0)
Ascension Class : ElementalistLevel: 1
Ascension Class : EtherealistLevel: 20 - Active
Ascension Class : GeomancerLevel: 0
Ascension Class : ThaumaturgistLevel: 0
Alternate Advancements:350
Deity:The Tribunal
Last Seen:10/26/38
Played:61 days
Guild:Rawr (joined: 09/30/21)
Personal Status:11687369
Kills/Deaths Ratio:31.37
Max Melee Hit:58135249296
Max Magic Hit:1217977474067
Collections Completed:113
Items Crafted:0
Quests completed:265
Rare harvests:125
Block:0 (20%)
Crit Chance:4112%
Crit Bonus:13326%
Ability Modifier:6524321
Hate Gain Modifier:-2
DPS Modifier:146
AE Autoattack:42%
Attack Speed:73
Double Attack:118%
Ability Doublecast:182%
Ammomottled leather quiver
CharmTemporaneous Experimental Totem
CharmTemporaneous Bewitched Totem
ChestEnduring Experimental Robe
CloakEnduring Bewitched Cowl
DrinkGravel Leaf Tea
EarTemporaneous Experimental Regalia
EarAcrylian Teardrop Stud
FeetEnduring Bewitched Softened Shoes
FingerPathologeist's Band
FingerLeashed Shadow Band
FoodHogfish Fricassee
ForearmsMalefic Bewitcher's Cuffs
HandsDiabolic Dreadspawn's Cloth Gloves
HeadPossessed Bewitcher's Hood
LegsOscuris Shadowblocker's Pants
Mount Adornment
Mount Armor
NeckTemporaneous Bewitched Choker
PrimaryEnduring Bewitched Truncheon
RangedPhantastic Focus
SecondaryEnduring Experimental Fetish
ShouldersEnduring Experimental Sleeves
WaistEnduring Lupine Cord
WristCrawler Queen Shell Bracelet
WristTemporaneous Bewitched Bangle
ChestNizaran Assassin's Breastplate
CloakCloak of the Storm
FeetNizaran Assassin's Slippers
ForearmsNizaran Assassin's Bracers
HandsNizaran Assassin's Gloves
HeadNizaran Assassin's Helm
LegsNizaran Assassin's Leggings
Mount Adornment
Mount Armor
PrimaryEnervated Eye of the Siren
ShouldersNizaran Assassin's Armguards
0 / 0
0 / 0
3669 / 3669
Alcohol Tolerance:
11 / 600
85 / 95
49 / 49
85 / 95
3669 / 3669
3714 / 3714
0 / 0
3994 / 3994
95 / 95
174 / 600
49 / 49
4029 / 4029
419 / 600
432 / 600
0 / 600
49 / 49
49 / 49
439 / 600
3674 / 3674
3989 / 3989
0 / 0
3669 / 3669
0 / 0
85 / 95
49 / 49
0 / 600
0 / 0
3994 / 3994
600 / 600
49 / 49
0 / 0
514 / 600
398 / 600
100th Season Adventurer:12/03/14
101st Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
102nd Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
103rd Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
104th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
105th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
105th Season Adventurer:09/11/21
106th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
107th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
108th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
109th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
10th Ranked Artisan:03/26/15
10th Season Adventurer:12/08/12
110th Planar Adventurer:09/11/21
110th Season Adventurer:09/11/21
120th Season Adventurer:09/11/21
20th Season Adventurer:12/08/12
30th Season Adventurer:12/08/12
40th Season Adventurer:07/02/13
50th Season Adventurer:07/04/13
60th Season Adventurer:07/05/13
70th Season Adventurer:07/09/13
80th Season Adventurer:07/10/13
85th Season Adventurer:07/14/13
90th Season Adventurer:07/14/13
95th Season Adventurer:11/18/14
A Burghal in Our Midst:
A Collector's Collector:
A Flawless Stone's Throw:10/06/21
A Foray a Day is Great:10/08/21
A Foray a Day is Mainly Okay:10/02/21
A Grizzled Veteran:
A Little Too Chaotic?:10/24/21
A Reason to Reserve:
A Shiny in Hand is Worth Two In the Bush:
A Stone's Throw:10/06/21
Accomplished Aerakyn Hunter:03/10/14
Accomplished Aerakyn Slayer:
Accomplished Akhevan Hunter:01/24/15
Accomplished Akhevan Slayer:
Accomplished Allu'thoa Hunter:12/20/14
Accomplished Allu'thoa Slayer:07/17/15
Accomplished Aviak Hunter:
Accomplished Aviak Slayer:
Accomplished Bixie Hunter:02/05/14
Accomplished Bixie Slayer:
Accomplished Brownie Hunter:
Accomplished Brownie Slayer:
Accomplished Bugbear Hunter:
Accomplished Bugbear Slayer:
Accomplished Clockwork Hunter:07/02/13
Accomplished Clockwork Slayer:
Accomplished Di'Zok Hunter:
Accomplished Di'Zok Slayer:
Accomplished Djinn Hunter:
Accomplished Djinn Slayer:
Accomplished Droag Hunter:07/08/13
Accomplished Droag Slayer:01/30/14
Accomplished Drolvarg Hunter:
Accomplished Drolvarg Slayer:
Accomplished Elemental Hunter:01/14/14
Accomplished Elemental Slayer:
Accomplished Fairy Hunter:
Accomplished Fairy Slayer:
Accomplished Froglok Hunter:07/10/13
Accomplished Froglok Slayer:
Accomplished Galorian Hunter:
Accomplished Galorian Slayer:
Accomplished Giant Hunter:
Accomplished Giant Slayer:
Accomplished Gnoll Hunter:01/26/15
Accomplished Gnoll Slayer:
Accomplished Goblin Hunter:07/01/13
Accomplished Goblin Slayer:
Accomplished Golem Hunter:10/13/21
Accomplished Golem Slayer:
Accomplished Grimling Hunter:01/16/15
Accomplished Grimling Slayer:
Accomplished Harpy Hunter:
Accomplished Harpy Slayer:
Accomplished Kobold Hunter:
Accomplished Kobold Slayer:
Accomplished Orc Hunter:11/11/13
Accomplished Orc Slayer:
Accomplished Ravasect Hunter:02/18/14
Accomplished Ravasect Slayer:
Accomplished Satyr Hunter:
Accomplished Satyr Slayer:
Accomplished Shiny Hunter:
Accomplished Shissar Hunter:
Accomplished Shissar Slayer:
Accomplished Siren Hunter:
Accomplished Siren Slayer:
Accomplished Thought Horror Hunter:
Accomplished Thought Horror Slayer:
Accomplished Undead Hunter:07/09/13
Accomplished Undead Slayer:01/18/14
Accomplished Urzarach Hunter:02/13/15
Accomplished Urzarach Slayer:
Accomplished Vampire Hunter:07/10/13
Accomplished Vampire Slayer:
Accomplished Werewolf Hunter:
Accomplished Werewolf Slayer:
Accomplished Yha-lei Hunter:
Accomplished Yha-lei Slayer:
Addicted to Quests:
Advanced Adventure Collector:
Advanced Dungeoneer:
Advancing Steadily:07/14/13
Aerakyn Annihilator:
Aerakyn Destroyer:
Aerakyn Executioner:
Aerakyn Killer:01/15/14
Akhevan Annihilator:
Akhevan Destroyer:
Akhevan Executioner:
Akhevan Killer:12/12/14
All Dragon Slaying, All the Time (Fabled):08/15/13
All Hands Off Deck:06/13/15
Allu'thoa Annihilator:
Allu'thoa Destroyer:
Allu'thoa Executioner:
Allu'thoa Killer:12/04/14
Allu'thoa Menacer:01/18/15
Ancient Artifacts and Figures:
Ancient Discoveries:
Ancient Signature Pursuer:
Ancient Signature Stalker:
Antiquities Exhibition:
Antonican Adventurer:
Arch-Necranaut Yolth's Demise:02/14/14
Arch-Necranaut Yolth's Demise (Sense of Urgency):02/14/14
Archaeologist Anonymous:
Artisan's Soul:
At One with the Darkness (Challenge):
Aviak Annihilator:
Aviak Destroyer:
Aviak Executioner:
Aviak Killer:10/08/13
Basic Understanding:07/10/13
Battlegrounds Conquest I:01/23/14
Battlegrounds Conquest II:01/23/14
Battlegrounds Conquest III:
Battlegrounds Conquest IV:
Battlegrounds Conquest IX:
Battlegrounds Conquest V:
Battlegrounds Conquest VI:
Battlegrounds Conquest VII:
Battlegrounds Conquest VIII:
Battlegrounds Conquest X:
Beast Wrangler:
Beginner Adventure Collector:
Beginner Collector:07/02/13
Beginner Dungeoneer:04/12/14
Beginner Quester:07/14/13
Beholder of Battle (Contested Avatar):10/16/13
Best Seat In the House:01/24/15
Biggest Loser:01/27/14
Biggest Winner:08/18/13
Bite Your Thumb:
Bixie Annihilator:
Bixie Destroyer:
Bixie Executioner:
Bixie Killer:11/29/13
Brawn for hire:
Brineterror Ally:01/23/15
Bringer of Death:07/10/13
Bristlebane (Avatar):09/16/13
Brownie Annihilator:
Brownie Destroyer:
Brownie Executioner:
Brownie Killer:06/13/15
Bugbear Annihilator:
Bugbear Destroyer:
Bugbear Executioner:
Bugbear Killer:
Bunny Defender:
Butcherblock Beachcomber:
Can I have your autograph?:01/15/15
Candy Crusher:
Champion of Tranquility:
Chandelier Maker:01/24/15
Clearing Sleeper's Tomb Unearthed:08/15/13
Clockwork Annihilator:
Clockwork Destroyer:
Clockwork Executioner:
Clockwork Killer:07/02/13
Coast Verbose:
Coasting through the Hills:
Collection Hoarder:
Collection Master:
Collection Obsessor:
Come On In the ummmm Water's Fine:02/01/15
Commander Mirrakar's Demise:02/14/14
Commander Mirrakar's Demise (Sense of Urgency):02/14/14
Commonlands Colonist:
Compy Stomp:01/12/15
Conundrum Keeper:
Craft the Night Away:
Craft until you drop!:
Crowd Control:06/13/15
Curtain Cleaner:01/26/15
Cutting Straight Lines:
Daredevil of Dawn:
Daring Zoo Keeper:
Darklight Drifter:
Dealing with the Antphibian Menace:10/06/21
Dealings with the Spirit: Khati Sha:10/06/21
Death Raider:
Dedication to the Arts:
Deep in the Thicket of Things:
Defeated Mark of the Many:10/13/21
Defeating Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune:04/22/15
Defeating Baroddas:08/27/13
Defeating Baroddas and Baelon (Challenge):10/16/13
Defeating Bastion:07/30/13
Defeating Baz the Illusionist:08/06/15
Defeating Berik Bloodfist (Challenge):09/19/13
Defeating Brunhildre the Wench:08/06/15
Defeating Brutas the Imbiber:07/21/15
Defeating Bull McCleran:08/08/15
Defeating Caerina the Lost:08/08/13
Defeating Captain Krasnok:04/21/15
Defeating Captain Mergin:08/08/15
Defeating Charanda:08/08/15
Defeating Commander Corpsemaul (Challenge):10/08/13
Defeating Commander Goreslaughter (Challenge):10/08/13
Defeating Danacio the Witchdoctor:08/06/15
Defeating Diabo, Va, and Centi Kela'Set:03/16/15
Defeating Drels Ma'Gor:08/13/13
Defeating Drinal with one Soulwell ability:07/30/13
Defeating Drinal with two Soulwell abilities:11/06/13
Defeating Ereorg the Bug Eater:10/01/13
Defeating Eriak the Fetid (Challenge):10/08/13
Defeating Farozth Ssravizh:03/16/15
Defeating Fitzpitzle:07/30/13
Defeating General Teku (Challenge):10/08/13
Defeating Glokus Windhelm (Challenge):10/08/13
Defeating Gloust M'ra:08/20/13
Defeating Gomrim, Zwebek, Tonnin, and Yermon:02/09/15
Defeating Grethah the Frenzied:07/13/15
Defeating Grevog the Punisher:01/13/15
Defeating Inquisitor Soronigus:02/24/15
Defeating Jessip Daggerheart:01/26/15
Defeating Ka'Rah Ferun:04/22/15
Defeating Kerridicus Searskin:01/12/15
Defeating Kradon the Drake Lord:10/01/13
Defeating Malkonis D'Morte:07/06/15
Defeating Malkonis D'Morte (Challenge):06/25/15
Defeating Mazarine the Queen:08/13/13
Defeating Melanie Everling:08/05/13
Defeating Morin the Swindler and Barin the Brute:01/12/15
Defeating Oligar of the Dead:08/05/13
Defeating Oligar of the Dead (Challenge):08/22/13
Defeating Othysis Muravian:07/06/15
Defeating Othysis Muravian (Challenge):07/06/15
Defeating Perador the Mighty:02/02/15
Defeating Pharinich the Forlorn:08/19/13
Defeating Pirate Shaman Snaggletooth:08/06/15
Defeating Prime Necromunger Maxl:10/01/13
Defeating Prime Temple-Blocker Grudk:10/01/13
Defeating Sacrificer Aevila D'Serin:07/18/15
Defeating Sarinich the Wretched:08/19/13
Defeating Silis On'Va:08/20/13
Defeating Sorrn Dontro:08/13/13
Defeating Swabber Rotgut:08/08/15
Defeating Swarm Keeper Zazun:10/01/13
Defeating Tagrin Maldric (Challenge):10/08/13
Defeating Teraradus the Gorer:01/13/15
Defeating The Crumbling Icon:01/26/15
Defeating The Enraged Imp:08/19/13
Defeating The Enraged Warboar (Challenge):08/29/13
Defeating The Fear Feaster:08/19/13
Defeating Treyloth D'Kulvith:07/06/15
Defeating Treyloth D'Kulvith (Challenge):06/25/15
Defeating Tuzerk:01/18/14
Defeating Zebrun the Torso:01/19/15
Defeating Zylphax the Shredder:06/23/15
Defeating Zylphax the Shredder (Challenge):07/06/15
Defeating Zzalazziz:11/20/13
Defeating the Ancient Sentinel:08/15/13
Defeating the Ancient Sentinel (Challenge):11/04/13
Defeating the Construct of Souls:08/05/13
Defeating the Eidolon of Hraashna:08/15/13
Defeating the Eidolon of Nanzata:08/15/13
Defeating the Eidolon of Tukaarak:08/15/13
Defeating the Eidolon of Ventani:09/12/13
Defeating the Primordial Ritualist Villandre V'Zher:07/09/15
Defeating the ancient warders:09/12/13
Di'Zok Annihilator:
Di'Zok Destroyer:
Di'Zok Executioner:
Di'Zok Killer:
Discovering Druid Rings: Faydwer:
Discovering Druid Rings: Kunark:07/10/13
Discovering Druid Rings: Shattered Lands:
Djinn Annihilator:
Djinn Destroyer:
Djinn Executioner:
Djinn Killer:10/17/13
Domination of the Ossuary:02/15/15
Doom Lord Doomer:07/09/13
Droag Annihilator:
Droag Destroyer:
Droag Executioner:
Droag Killer:07/08/13
Drolvarg Annihilator:
Drolvarg Destroyer:
Drolvarg Executioner:
Drolvarg Killer:07/08/13
Drowning in Quests:
Drusella's Downfall:07/26/13
Echoes In a Cavernous World:
El Avatar:02/12/15
Elemental Annihilator:
Elemental Destroyer:
Elemental Executioner:
Elemental Killer:07/15/13
Enchanted Lands Excursionist:
Ensuring the Destruction of Fehdu, Rehdu, and Pehdu:10/06/21
Ensuring the Destruction of Fehdu, Rehdu, and Pehdu Flawlessly:10/06/21
Everfrost Explorer:
Expert Adventure Collector:
Exploring the Eternal Broodlands:02/01/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Ahrmatal the Scorcher's Demise:01/23/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Bolgin Serilis's Demise:01/18/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Fherin the Ancient's Demise:01/14/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Gangel the Resurrected's Demise:01/15/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: General Graknus's Demise:01/18/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Luminox Prime's Demise:01/15/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Queen Meacidaris's Demise:01/15/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Shazzak's Demise:01/19/14
Extreme Sense of Urgency: The Chamber Warden's Demise:01/17/14
Fairy Annihilator:
Fairy Destroyer:
Fairy Executioner:
Fairy Killer:08/08/14
Far Seas Bootlegger!:
Feerrott Floater:
Fighter Conquest I:
Fighter Conquest II:
Fighter Conquest III:
Fighter Conquest IV:
Fighter Conquest IX:
Fighter Conquest V:
Fighter Conquest VI:
Fighter Conquest VII:
Fighter Conquest VIII:
Fighter Conquest X:
Flawless Maniacal Betrayal II:10/06/21
Flawless Raid: Burrowing Without Getting Dirty:10/06/21
Flawless Raid: Chicken Noodle for the Careful Raider:10/06/21
Flawless Raid: Not Once Bitten:10/06/21
Flawless Raid: Time in the Lime Light:10/06/21
Flawless Triumph: Accursed Sanctum:
Flawless Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - Halls of the Betrayer:
Flawless Triumph: Unkillable!:
Flawless Victory: Accursed Custodian:07/28/14
Flawless Victory: Adherent Custodian:07/28/14
Flawless Victory: Ageless Custodian:02/22/14
Flawless Victory: Draazak the Ancient:07/22/14
Flawless Victory: Ernax Heridion:03/23/14
Flawless Victory: Erudin Palace:
Flawless Victory: Essedara and Jalkhir:04/12/14
Flawless Victory: Fabled Fitzpitzle:09/03/14
Flawless Victory: Fabled Yitzik the Hurler:09/04/14
Flawless Victory: Haraakat the Seer:03/23/14
Flawless Victory: Kaasssrelik the Afflicted:07/28/14
Flawless Victory: Perah'Celsis:03/23/14
Flawless Victory: Roehn Theer (Chaos):04/20/14
Flawless Victory: Roehn Theer (Order):04/20/14
Flawless Victory: Sara Greenheart:03/23/14
Flawless Victory: Sesria and Denani:02/03/14
Flawless Victory: Subsistent Custodian:01/28/14
Flawless Victory: The Legionnaires:02/08/14
Flawless Victory: The Protector of Stone:07/28/14
Flawless Victory: The Scavanator:03/23/14
Flawless Victory: Tower of Frozen Shadow:
Flawless Victory: Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs:
Flawless Victory: Vernox the Insatiable:03/23/14
Flawless Victory: Xilaxis the Explorer:03/23/14
Flawless: Corpsemongering:09/12/13
Flawless: Defeating Bastion:08/19/13
Flawless: Defeating Berik Bloodfist (Challenge):09/19/13
Flawless: Defeating Brutas the Imbiber:07/21/15
Flawless: Defeating Bull McCleran:08/08/15
Flawless: Defeating Caerina the Lost:08/19/13
Flawless: Defeating Danacio the Witchdoctor:08/06/15
Flawless: Defeating Diabo, Va, and Centi Kela'Set:04/21/15
Flawless: Defeating Fitzpitzle:04/20/14
Flawless: Defeating Gomrim, Zwebek, Tonnin, and Yermon:07/15/15
Flawless: Defeating Grethah the Frenzied:07/13/15
Flawless: Defeating Grevog the Punisher:02/06/15
Flawless: Defeating Inquisitor Soronigus:07/18/15
Flawless: Defeating Jessip Daggerheart:03/28/15
Flawless: Defeating Ka'Rah Ferun:04/22/15
Flawless: Defeating Kerridicus Searskin:01/30/15
Flawless: Defeating Kradon the Drake Lord:10/01/13
Flawless: Defeating Malkonis D'Morte (Challenge):07/06/15
Flawless: Defeating Melanie Everling:08/05/13
Flawless: Defeating Othysis Muravian:07/06/15
Flawless: Defeating Pharinich the Forlorn:08/27/13
Flawless: Defeating Pirate Shaman Snaggletooth:08/06/15
Flawless: Defeating Prime Temple-Blocker Grudk:10/01/13
Flawless: Defeating Sarinich the Wretched:08/19/13
Flawless: Defeating Sorrn Dontro:10/01/13
Flawless: Defeating Swabber Rotgut:08/08/15
Flawless: Defeating Swarm Keeper Zazun:10/01/13
Flawless: Defeating Teraradus the Gorer:07/08/15
Flawless: Defeating The Crumbling Icon:07/13/15
Flawless: Defeating The Enraged Imp:08/27/13
Flawless: Defeating The Fear Feaster:08/19/13
Flawless: Defeating Treyloth D'Kulvith:07/09/15
Flawless: Defeating Treyloth D'Kulvith (Challenge):06/25/15
Flawless: Defeating Tuzerk:01/18/14
Flawless: Defeating Zebrun the Torso:02/02/15
Flawless: Defeating Zylphax the Shredder:08/05/15
Flawless: Defeating Zzalazziz :01/18/14
Flawless: Defeating the Ancient Sentinel:08/27/13
Flawless: Defeating the Construct of Souls:11/04/13
Flawless: Krelgrek Crag-Chair's Demise:10/28/13
Flawless: Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage:09/12/13
Flawless: Redemption for Drinal:08/29/13
Flawless: Spirit of the Deep's Demise:07/15/13
Flawless: Story Time with Tserrina!:09/12/13
Flawless: The Tempest of Zek's Demise:07/26/13
Flawless: Unmasking the Truth:09/12/13
Flawless: Victory over the Vicars (Challenge):10/17/21
Flawless: Xalgoti's Demise:09/12/13
Flawless: Zorglim the Departed's Demise:09/12/13
Flawlessly Dealing with the Antphibian Menace:10/06/21
Flawlessly Dealings with the Spirit: Khati Sha:10/06/21
Flawlessly Having Fu'un:10/06/21
Flawlessly Snuffing Out the Eternal Cinder:10/06/21
Follower of the Shiny:
Foremost Malice Raider:
Friendly Fishmonger:01/17/15
Froglok Annihilator:
Froglok Destroyer:
Froglok Executioner:
Froglok Killer:07/10/13
Frontier Fortune-hunter:
Frostfang Sea Expeditionary Force:
Galorian Annihilator:
Galorian Destroyer:
Galorian Executioner:
Galorian Killer:
Giant Annihilator:
Giant Destroyer:
Giant Executioner:
Giant Killer:07/15/13
Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break!:
Gnoll Annihilator:
Gnoll Destroyer:
Gnoll Executioner:
Gnoll Killer:12/08/12
Goblin Annihilator:
Goblin Destroyer:
Goblin Executioner:
Goblin Killer:12/08/12
Golem Annihilator:
Golem Destroyer:
Golem Executioner:
Golem Killer:10/01/21
Governor of War (Contested Avatar):07/31/14
Grandmaster Etherealist:10/03/21
Greater Ascended:
Greater Malice Raider:07/13/15
Grimling Annihilator:
Grimling Destroyer:
Grimling Executioner:
Grimling Killer:12/12/14
Grog Hog:06/13/15
Guardian at the Gates (Challenge):10/15/21
Habitual Flirt:
Hallmark Hunter:
Harpy Annihilator:
Harpy Destroyer:
Harpy Executioner:
Harpy Killer:09/17/13
Harvesting in the Dark I:
Harvesting in the Dark II:
Harvesting in the Dark III:
Harvesting in the Dark IV:
Harvesting in the Dark V:
Harvesting in the Dark VI:
Have Shiny, Will Travel:02/01/15
Having Fu'un:10/06/21
Herd Baron:
Herd Master:
Herd Wrangler:
Heritage Hound:
Hero of Shadows and Secrets:
High Keep Body Snatcher:
High Keep Carnage: Grulk, Thrott and Skurge:08/30/14
High Keep Carnage: Horrot, Parvazt, and Chaperon of Nightmares:08/06/14
High Keep Carnage: The Bloodless Incursion:
High Keep Carnage: The Bloodpack and Akur the Great Con:
High Keep Carnage: Tongusk, Gnawbone and Razzak:06/25/14
High Keep Carnage: Tunnelgorger and Tremorax:06/29/14
High Keep Carnage: Vendeen, Brog and The War Committee:
High Keep Carnage: Z'Kara, Zhakull, Xothox and Zothoz:
Higher Learning:
Highland Hiker:
Historically Challenged:
History Buff:
Hoarding Ancient Discoveries:
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Shinies!:
I gotta have more... quests?:
I'll take that!:12/08/12
If you know what makes them tick...:08/06/13
Illustrious Signature Chaser:
Illustrious Signature Hunter:
Infamous Signature Chaser:
Infamous Signature Hunter:
Information Repository:
Initiate Aerakyn Hunter:02/02/14
Initiate Aerakyn Slayer:07/22/14
Initiate Akhevan Hunter:01/12/15
Initiate Akhevan Slayer:
Initiate Allu'thoa Hunter:12/04/14
Initiate Allu'thoa Slayer:01/22/15
Initiate Aviak Hunter:
Initiate Aviak Slayer:
Initiate Bixie Hunter:01/15/14
Initiate Bixie Slayer:
Initiate Brownie Hunter:
Initiate Brownie Slayer:
Initiate Bugbear Hunter:
Initiate Bugbear Slayer:
Initiate Clockwork Hunter:07/02/13
Initiate Clockwork Slayer:
Initiate Di'Zok Hunter:
Initiate Di'Zok Slayer:
Initiate Djinn Hunter:
Initiate Djinn Slayer:
Initiate Droag Hunter:07/08/13
Initiate Droag Slayer:07/14/13
Initiate Drolvarg Hunter:07/09/13
Initiate Drolvarg Slayer:
Initiate Elemental Hunter:08/15/13
Initiate Elemental Slayer:01/18/15
Initiate Fairy Hunter:
Initiate Fairy Slayer:
Initiate Froglok Hunter:07/10/13
Initiate Froglok Slayer:
Initiate Galorian Hunter:
Initiate Galorian Slayer:
Initiate Giant Hunter:
Initiate Giant Slayer:
Initiate Gnoll Hunter:12/08/12
Initiate Gnoll Slayer:
Initiate Goblin Hunter:12/08/12
Initiate Goblin Slayer:02/12/14
Initiate Golem Hunter:10/02/21
Initiate Golem Slayer:
Initiate Grimling Hunter:12/14/14
Initiate Grimling Slayer:10/06/21
Initiate Harpy Hunter:
Initiate Harpy Slayer:
Initiate Kobold Hunter:
Initiate Kobold Slayer:
Initiate Orc Hunter:12/08/12
Initiate Orc Slayer:12/03/14
Initiate Ravasect Hunter:01/25/14
Initiate Ravasect Slayer:
Initiate Satyr Hunter:
Initiate Satyr Slayer:
Initiate Shissar Hunter:
Initiate Shissar Slayer:
Initiate Siren Hunter:
Initiate Siren Slayer:
Initiate Thought Horror Hunter:
Initiate Thought Horror Slayer:
Initiate Undead Hunter:12/08/12
Initiate Undead Slayer:07/24/13
Initiate Urzarach Hunter:01/16/15
Initiate Urzarach Slayer:
Initiate Vampire Hunter:07/09/13
Initiate Vampire Slayer:
Initiate Werewolf Hunter:07/15/15
Initiate Werewolf Slayer:
Initiate Yha-lei Hunter:
Initiate Yha-lei Slayer:
Iron Shatterer:07/01/13
Is Another Man's Treasure:
Is it need or is it greed?:01/14/14
It Smells Like BBQ:02/01/15
It's Over 9000!:
It's So Magical!:
It's a City Way to Go:
Items of the Past:
Jarsath Journeyman:
Journeyman Etherealist:10/03/21
Just being friendly!:
Just gotta keep on Questin'!:
Knee Deep in Quests:
Knocked Around:06/18/15
Knowledge Hunter:
Kobold Annihilator:
Kobold Destroyer:
Kobold Executioner:
Kobold Killer:
Krelgrek Crag-Chair's Demise:10/28/13
Kunark Cavern Crawler:
Kunzar Wanderer:
Kylong Wayfarer:
Lavastorm Nomad:
Leashing the Hounds of War:
Lesser Faydark Vagabond:
Let's Go Antiquing:
Level 10 Overseer:10/03/21
Level 15 Overseer:10/03/21
Level 20 Overseer:10/03/21
Level 5 Overseer:10/03/21
Links to the Past:
Loping Plains Pilgrim:
Loping Plains Pursuer:
Lord of Faydwer:
Lord of the Dice:
Lord of the Quests:
Love's Avenger:08/08/14
Mage Conquest I:01/23/14
Mage Conquest II:
Mage Conquest III:
Mage Conquest IV:
Mage Conquest IX:
Mage Conquest V:
Mage Conquest VI:
Mage Conquest VII:
Mage Conquest VIII:
Mage Conquest X:
Magnificent Signature Pursuer:
Magnificent Signature Stalker:
Malice Raider:01/26/15
Maniacal Betrayal II:10/06/21
Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage:09/12/13
Master Aerakyn Hunter:06/10/14
Master Aerakyn Slayer:
Master Akhevan Hunter:04/04/15
Master Akhevan Slayer:
Master Allu'thoa Hunter:01/14/15
Master Allu'thoa Slayer:
Master Aviak Hunter:
Master Aviak Slayer:
Master Bixie Hunter:03/10/14
Master Bixie Slayer:
Master Brownie Hunter:
Master Brownie Slayer:
Master Bugbear Hunter:
Master Bugbear Slayer:
Master Clockwork Hunter:07/16/15
Master Clockwork Slayer:
Master Collector of Shinies:
Master Di'Zok Hunter:
Master Di'Zok Slayer:
Master Djinn Hunter:
Master Djinn Slayer:
Master Droag Hunter:07/09/13
Master Droag Slayer:03/31/14
Master Drolvarg Hunter:
Master Drolvarg Slayer:
Master Elemental Hunter:02/18/14
Master Elemental Slayer:
Master Etherealist:10/03/21
Master Fairy Hunter:
Master Fairy Slayer:
Master Froglok Hunter:07/14/13
Master Froglok Slayer:
Master Galorian Hunter:
Master Galorian Slayer:
Master Giant Hunter:
Master Giant Slayer:
Master Gnoll Hunter:
Master Gnoll Slayer:
Master Goblin Hunter:01/22/14
Master Goblin Slayer:
Master Golem Hunter:
Master Golem Slayer:
Master Grimling Hunter:02/21/15
Master Grimling Slayer:
Master Harpy Hunter:
Master Harpy Slayer:
Master Kobold Hunter:
Master Kobold Slayer:
Master Orc Hunter:08/06/14
Master Orc Slayer:
Master Ravasect Hunter:
Master Ravasect Slayer:
Master Satyr Hunter:
Master Satyr Slayer:
Master Shiny Hunter:
Master Shissar Hunter:
Master Shissar Slayer:
Master Signature Pursuer:
Master Signature Stalker:
Master Siren Hunter:
Master Siren Slayer:
Master Strike Master:
Master Thought Horror Hunter:
Master Thought Horror Slayer:
Master Undead Hunter:07/10/13
Master Undead Slayer:06/29/14
Master Urzarach Hunter:
Master Urzarach Slayer:
Master Vampire Hunter:07/03/15
Master Vampire Slayer:
Master Werewolf Hunter:
Master Werewolf Slayer:
Master Yha-lei Hunter:
Master Yha-lei Slayer:
Master of Lore and Legends!:
Menagerie Magnate:
Menagerie Master:
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth:03/11/14
Mission Controller:
Mission Critical:
Mission Impeccable:
Mission Imperceivable:
Mission Implausible:
Mission Impossible:
Mission Improbable:
Missions Accomplished:
Mithaniel Marr (Contested Avatar):10/16/13
Monstrous Shadows:10/13/21
Monumental Signature Chaser:
Monumental Signature Pursuer:
Monumental Signature Stalker:
More Brawn for hire:
More Shinies Than Are Dreamt Of...:
Much Seru About Nothing:
Museum Now Opening!:
Mystery Solver:
Mythical Signature Hunter:
Mythical Signature Pursuer:
NOW who's the Dummy?:09/08/14
Nathsarian Rambler:
Nektulos Forest Mercenary:
Night Voyager:
No Quest for the Weary:
Norrathian Air:11/11/13
Novice Adventure Collector:
Novice Dungeoneer:04/17/14
Obsessive Collector:
Obsessive Compulsive:
Obsessive Questing Disorder:
Odds on Your Side:
Odusian Overachiever:
One Man's Trash...:
Onus of Odus:
Orc Annihilator:
Orc Destroyer:
Orc Executioner:
Orc Killer:12/08/12
Orcish Wastes Opportunist:
Outthinking the Usurper:06/25/15
Over Achiever:07/14/13
Perceptive Collector:
Phantom Adventurer:
Pillars of Flame Pioneer:
Planar Signature Chaser:
Priest Conquest I:01/23/14
Priest Conquest II:
Priest Conquest III:
Priest Conquest IV:
Priest Conquest IX:
Priest Conquest V:
Priest Conquest VI:
Priest Conquest VII:
Priest Conquest VIII:
Priest Conquest X:
Put Your Quest Foot Forward:
Queen Quieter:07/26/13
Quest 'Em All:
Quest For Glory:
Quest Obsessed:
Quest Side Story:
Raid: Burrowing Your Way to Success:10/06/21
Raid: Chicken Noodle for the Raider:10/06/21
Raid: Is there such a thing as Lemonstone?:10/06/21
Raid: The Silent Killer Killer:10/06/21
Raising Your Potential:11/18/14
Ravasect Annihilator:
Ravasect Destroyer:
Ravasect Executioner:
Ravasect Killer:01/25/14
Redemption for Drinal:08/29/13
Ree Rapturer:09/12/14
Reign of Heroics I:10/08/21
Reign of Heroics II:
Reign of Heroics III:
Reign of Heroics IV:
Reign of Heroics V:
Reign of Raiding:
Relic Collector:
Repulse Roehn Theer:04/20/14
Resplendent Signature Chaser:
Resplendent Signature Hunter:
Resplendent Signature Stalker:
Restorer of Life:08/27/13
Rodcet Nife (Contested Avatar):10/16/13
Rude Guest of Castle Mistmoore:07/09/13
Ruler of Ruination I:
Ruler of Ruination II:
Ruler of Ruination III:
Ruler of Ruination IV:
Ruler of Ruination IX:
Ruler of Ruination V:
Ruler of Ruination VI:
Ruler of Ruination VII:
Ruler of Ruination VIII:
Ruler of Ruination X:
Rulgax Rusher:07/01/13
Sailing the Phantom Sea:
Sailing the Tranquil Sea:
Satyr Annihilator:
Satyr Destroyer:
Satyr Executioner:
Satyr Killer:
Scout Conquest I:01/23/14
Scout Conquest II:
Scout Conquest III:
Scout Conquest IV:
Scout Conquest IX:
Scout Conquest V:
Scout Conquest VI:
Scout Conquest VII:
Scout Conquest VIII:
Scout Conquest X:
Season 2 Overseer:10/03/21
Season 3 Overseer:10/03/21
Secret Agent:02/27/14
Seeker of Knowledge:
Seeker of the Past:
Sense of Urgency: Ahrmatal the Scorcher's Demise:01/23/14
Sense of Urgency: Bolgin Serilis's Demise:01/18/14
Sense of Urgency: Castle Highhold: No Quarter:07/13/15
Sense of Urgency: Dealings with the Spirit:10/06/21
Sense of Urgency: Defeating Baroddas and Baelon (Challenge):10/16/13
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Raid:04/20/14
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Raid (Hard Mode):04/20/14
Sense of Urgency: Expedition Precarious [Raidventure]:10/06/21
Sense of Urgency: Fherin the Ancient's Demise:01/14/14
Sense of Urgency: Frenetic Seeker of the Sentinel's Fate:
Sense of Urgency: Gangel the Resurrected's Demise:01/15/14
Sense of Urgency: General Graknus's Demise:01/18/14
Sense of Urgency: Krelgrek Crag-Chair's Demise:10/28/13
Sense of Urgency: Luminox Prime's Demise:01/15/14
Sense of Urgency: Maiden's Chamber:07/26/13
Sense of Urgency: Queen Meacidaris's Demise:01/15/14
Sense of Urgency: Redemption for Drinal:10/02/13
Sense of Urgency: Risk Taker of the Rise of Kunark:
Sense of Urgency: Sentinel's Fate:
Sense of Urgency: Shazzak's Demise:01/19/14
Sense of Urgency: The Chamber Warden's Demise:01/17/14
Sense of Urgency: The Crumbling Emperor's Demise:06/14/14
Sense of Urgency: The Tempest of Zek's Demise:07/26/13
Sense of Urgency: Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs:03/23/14
Sense of Urgency: Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella:07/26/13
Sense of Urgency: Xalgoti's Demise:09/12/13
Sense of Urgency: Zavith'loa: The Molten Pools:07/13/15
Seven Years Bad Luck:09/12/13
Shadow Dungeon Crawler:
Shattered Seas:01/24/15
Shin Swashbuckler:
Shinies Beneath the Moonlight:08/19/14
Shiny Hunter:01/21/15
Shissar Annihilator:
Shissar Destroyer:
Shissar Executioner:
Shissar Killer:10/08/21
Shorthanded Victory: Ernax Heridion:03/23/14
Shorthanded Victory: Erudin Palace:
Shorthanded Victory: Haraakat the Seer:03/23/14
Shorthanded Victory: Perah'Celsis:03/23/14
Shorthanded Victory: Roehn Theer (Chaos):04/20/14
Shorthanded Victory: Roehn Theer (Order):04/20/14
Shorthanded Victory: Sara Greenheart:03/23/14
Shorthanded Victory: The Scavanator:03/23/14
Shorthanded Victory: Tower of Frozen Shadow:
Shorthanded Victory: Vasty Deep:
Shorthanded Victory: Vernox the Insatiable:03/23/14
Shorthanded Victory: Xilaxis the Explorer:03/23/14
Shorthanded: Defeating Bastion:08/19/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Brutas the Imbiber:07/21/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Caerina the Lost:08/19/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Drels Ma'Gor:10/01/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Fitzpitzle:04/20/14
Shorthanded: Defeating Gloust M'ra:08/20/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Grevog the Punisher:07/08/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Inquisitor Soronigus:03/31/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Jessip Daggerheart:03/31/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Kerridicus Searskin:01/20/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Mazarine the Queen:10/01/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Melanie Everling:08/12/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Morin the Swindler and Barin the Brute:03/31/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Oligar of the Dead (Challenge):04/21/14
Shorthanded: Defeating Pharinich the Forlorn:08/19/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Sarinich the Wretched:08/19/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Silis On'Va:08/20/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Sorrn Dontro:08/20/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Teraradus the Gorer:01/20/15
Shorthanded: Defeating The Crumbling Icon:07/08/15
Shorthanded: Defeating The Enraged Imp:08/19/13
Shorthanded: Defeating The Enraged Warboar (Challenge):01/20/14
Shorthanded: Defeating The Fear Feaster:08/19/13
Shorthanded: Defeating Zebrun the Torso:07/08/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Zylphax the Shredder:08/05/15
Shorthanded: Defeating Zylphax the Shredder (Challenge):08/10/15
Shorthanded: Defeating the Ancient Sentinel:08/15/13
Shorthanded: Defeating the Construct of Souls:08/12/13
Sign on the dotted line...:07/26/13
Signature Grandmaster:
Signature Master:03/29/15
Sinking Sands Settler:
Siren Annihilator:
Siren Destroyer:
Siren Executioner:
Siren Killer:
Skyshrine Souvenir Spotter:
Skyshrine: City of Dracur:
Snuffing Out the Eternal Cinder:10/06/21
Solusek Ro (Avatar):09/11/14
Spire Flier:
Spirit of the Deep's Demise:07/15/13
Spiritual Experience:10/06/21
Stable Hand:01/25/14
Star Destroyer:08/11/13
Stay on Target:06/13/15
Steamfont Searcher:
Story Time with Tserrina!:09/12/13
Stowaways' Fortune:06/13/15
Stumbling Through the Darkness (Challenge):
Subdue Perah'Celsis:03/23/14
Sundered Frontiersman:
Superior Malice Raider:
Superior Sense of Urgency: Ahrmatal the Scorcher's Demise:01/23/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: Bolgin Serilis's Demise:01/18/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: Fherin the Ancient's Demise:01/14/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: Gangel the Resurrected's Demise:01/15/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: General Graknus's Demise:01/18/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: Luminox Prime's Demise:01/15/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: Queen Meacidaris's Demise:01/15/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: Shazzak's Demise:01/19/14
Superior Sense of Urgency: The Chamber Warden's Demise:01/17/14
Sweet Sassy Molassy:06/13/15
Swimming Under The Influence:
Tending to the Scar:
Tenebrous Tangle Trailblazer:
The Ascended:
The Avatar of Shinies:
The Butler Did It!:09/12/13
The Collection Agent:
The Collection Chaser:
The Collection Curator:
The Fire is Dire, the Pyre is Higher:10/24/21
The Fire is So Delightful:01/23/15
The Mountaineer:01/17/15
The Not-So-Endless Caverns:
The Pinnacle:02/09/15
The Shining Example:
The Shiny Eyed Monster:
The Shiny Stalker:
The Sparkle Spotter:
The Sparkling Success:
The Tempest of Zek's Demise:07/26/13
The Third Sister:03/04/15
The Wind That Shakes the Melee:06/13/15
There Can Be Only One:
This Achievement will self-destruct in five seconds.:02/03/14
Thought Horror Annihilator:
Thought Horror Destroyer:
Thought Horror Executioner:
Thought Horror Killer:10/01/21
Thundering Steppes Scout:
Tigloth the Conqueror's Demise:02/14/14
Tigloth the Conqueror's Demise (Sense of Urgency):02/14/14
Time Traveler:
Timorous Deep Traveler:
Tip the Sentinel of Balance (Hard Mode):04/20/14
Tower Guard I:
Tower Guard II:
Tower Guard III:
Tower Guard IV:
Tower Guard IX:
Tower Guard V:
Tower Guard VI:
Tower Guard VII:
Tower Guard VIII:
Tower Guard X:
Traverse the Corrupted Forest:
Traverse the Divide:
Traverse the Eidolon Jungle:
Traverse the Obol Plains:
Traverse the Wastes:
Tread Carefully:01/26/15
Treasure Quester:
Trifecta Trampler:
Trinket Pursuer:
Triumph: Accursed Sanctum:02/18/14
Triumph: Decimation of Malice:02/10/15
Triumph: Domination of Malice:
Triumph: Excursions in the Dark:
Triumph: Fabled Deathtoll:
Triumph: Flawless All Raid Encounters:
Triumph: Hero of Vesspyr:01/19/14
Triumph: High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion:
Triumph: Reign or Shine:
Triumph: Right as Reign:
Triumph: Roil and Rumble:
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan:
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - Halls of the Betrayer:07/17/14
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - Laboratory of Mutation:
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - Outer Halls:
Triumph: Trial Run [Heroic II]:
Triumph: Trial Run [Heroic I]:10/10/21
Triumph: Trial Run [Solo]:09/30/21
Tunare (Avatar):09/12/13
Turncoat Cutthroat:12/14/14
Turning a Frown Upside Down:09/12/13
Unblemished Oeuvre:
Undead Annihilator:
Undead Destroyer:
Undead Executioner:
Undead Killer:12/08/12
Unmasking the Truth:09/12/13
Up, Up, and Away!:07/14/13
Urzarach Annihilator:
Urzarach Destroyer:
Urzarach Executioner:
Urzarach Killer:12/20/14
Usurper I:
Usurper II:
Usurper III:
Usurper IV:
Usurper IX:
Usurper V:
Usurper VI:
Usurper VII:
Usurper VIII:
Usurper X:
Vampire Annihilator:
Vampire Destroyer:
Vampire Executioner:
Vampire Killer:07/09/13
Veeshan's Crusader:
Victor: Count Valdoon Kel'Novar [Heroic]:07/03/15
Victorious Campaign I:
Victorious Campaign II:
Victorious Campaign III:
Victorious Campaign IV:
Victorious Campaign IX:
Victorious Campaign V:
Victorious Campaign VI:
Victorious Campaign VII:
Victorious Campaign VIII:
Victorious Campaign X:
Victory over the Vicars (Challenge):10/17/21
Victory: Accursed Custodian:01/18/14
Victory: Adherent Custodian:01/20/14
Victory: Ageless Custodian:01/18/14
Victory: Ahrmatal the Scorcher:01/23/14
Victory: Akur the Great Con:06/29/14
Victory: An'Kaas Fer'Zethon:10/08/21
Victory: Bolgin Serilis:01/18/14
Victory: Bosun's Private Stock:12/20/14
Victory: Brutal Bloodbath:10/24/21
Victory: Brutish Brog:08/27/14
Victory: Bull McCleran:06/13/15
Victory: Caden and Keplin:04/07/14
Victory: Captain Berlon Bilgewater:02/10/15
Victory: Captain Krasnok the Immortal:12/20/14
Victory: Chaperon of Nightmares:06/25/14
Victory: Chief Broglyn:10/01/21
Victory: Chief Gadzuuks:10/24/21
Victory: Corrupted Construct:10/08/21
Victory: Count Valdoon Kel'Novar [Advanced Solo]:07/15/15
Victory: Derig the Prime Executioner:07/17/14
Victory: Do'om Calamitus:10/08/21
Victory: Draazak the Ancient:07/22/14
Victory: Emperor D'Vinn [Advanced Solo]:07/15/15
Victory: Enforcer Yisith:10/08/21
Victory: Essedara and Jalkhir:03/24/14
Victory: Fabled Amorphous Drake:09/03/14
Victory: Fabled Fitzpitzle:09/03/14
Victory: Fabled Yitzik the Hurler:09/03/14
Victory: Felnir the Shadow Prowler:10/24/21
Victory: Fherin the Ancient:01/14/14
Victory: Fiery Effigy of Clotl'thoa:12/04/14
Victory: Forblarg the Foul:10/24/21
Victory: Fungus King Cremini:10/02/21
Victory: Gangel the Resurrected:01/15/14
Victory: General Graknus:01/18/14
Victory: Gerid, Harin, and Merig:07/18/14
Victory: Gnawbone:06/25/14
Victory: Greeneyes:10/08/21
Victory: Grendish:07/17/14
Victory: Grogmaga:06/13/15
Victory: Grogmogo:06/13/15
Victory: Grulk the Ruthless:08/06/14
Victory: Gudre Blackhand:12/12/14
Victory: Hopper the Blood-Drenched:10/08/21
Victory: Horrot the Horrific:05/07/14
Victory: Insider Treachery:01/30/15
Victory: Jardin the Conqueror:07/18/14
Victory: Kaasssrelik the Afflicted:01/28/14
Victory: Kavis Set'Ra:01/11/15
Victory: Kigara the Blazewing and Kelana the Frostwing:07/15/14
Victory: Killmodo:10/01/21
Victory: Luminox Prime:01/15/14
Victory: Matri Marn:02/10/14
Victory: Mo'iana the Ravenous:12/04/14
Victory: Morbigog:10/24/21
Victory: Nogrovska Vodlak:09/30/21
Victory: Obscura Zun'Xakra:10/08/21
Victory: Overseer Razzak:05/07/14
Victory: Palovina Vodlak:09/30/21
Victory: Parvazt the Handler:08/06/14
Victory: Portia Rumuffin:06/13/15
Victory: Queen Meacidaris:01/15/14
Victory: Rarthek the Swiftclaw:04/14/14
Victory: Sacrificer Buran:02/03/14
Victory: Scyphodon:10/01/21
Victory: Sea Dog Doogan and Mr. Bilge:06/13/15
Victory: Sesria and Denani:02/03/14
Victory: Shadowphage:10/02/21
Victory: Shazzak:01/19/14
Victory: Shred of Tashakhi:10/24/21
Victory: Skurge:08/06/14
Victory: Sontalak:04/01/14
Victory: Sporefiend Zugu:10/02/21
Victory: Subsistent Custodian:01/20/14
Victory: Taskmaster's Echo:01/26/15
Victory: Tavekalem:07/17/14
Victory: The Abandoned Labomination:09/30/21
Victory: The Aerakyn Commanders:07/22/14
Victory: The Chamber Warden:01/17/14
Victory: The Crumbling Emperor:02/18/14
Victory: The Embodiment of Gore:01/14/15
Victory: The Fabled Den of the Devourer:02/18/14
Victory: The Fabled Halls of Fate:02/02/14
Victory: The Fabled Lord Vyemm and Alzid Prime:03/10/14
Victory: The Legionnaires:02/08/14
Victory: The Master Clockwork Protocol [Advanced Solo]:07/15/15
Victory: The Needlite Queen:10/01/21
Victory: The Poached Poacher:10/08/21
Victory: The Protector of Stone:02/04/14
Victory: The Red Corsair:06/13/15
Victory: The Spelobanzeothitem:10/24/21
Victory: The Stowaways [Heroic]:06/13/15
Victory: The Tunnelgorger:06/29/14
Victory: Thraxinae:10/08/21
Victory: Thresinet:01/26/15
Victory: Thrott:08/30/14
Victory: Tongusk the Terrible:06/24/14
Victory: Tremorax the Unearthed:06/29/14
Victory: Twin Tyranodons:12/04/14
Victory: Ulosi and Ulcine Nacisroc:10/24/21
Victory: Undertaker Zemilox:10/01/21
Victory: Valdimus V'Derun:12/05/14
Victory: Valgan:06/13/15
Victory: Vencine and Vincenz Kovari:10/08/21
Victory: Vendeen:08/06/14
Victory: Venomess Tshakez:10/08/21
Victory: Viktor Vodlak:09/30/21
Victory: Vinzerah Ral'moor:10/08/21
Victory: Vulgrat Vilebones:10/12/21
Victory: Wretched Francine:10/12/21
Victory: Yipnik:06/13/15
Victory: Z'Kara the Dreaded:05/07/14
Victory: Zhakull the Chooser:08/06/14
Walk the Plank:12/20/14
We Want a Shrubbery:
Welcome, Overseer.:10/03/21
Werewolf Annihilator:
Werewolf Destroyer:
Werewolf Executioner:
Werewolf Killer:07/10/13
Wild Wild Quest:
Will Break for Shinies:
Will Wipe Groups for Shinies!:
Wing and A Prayer:02/03/14
Wonderous Wild Weald:
Wrek Shop:01/26/15
Wyrm Twynk:07/26/13
Xalgoti's Demise:09/12/13
Yha-lei Annihilator:
Yha-lei Destroyer:
Yha-lei Executioner:
Yha-lei Killer:07/25/13
Ykeshan Trekker:
You can learn how to take them down!:
Your mission is...:01/15/14
Zoo Keeper:
Zorglim the Departed:09/12/13
Resaa's ManorManors of Erollisi
Agents of Neriak:2000
Arcanists of Tunaria:-50000
Bathezid's Watch:-39850
Caertaxian Legion:-48900
City of Paineel:-9000
Clan Crushbone:-50000
Clan Skleross:-40475
Clan Thrael'Gorr:-100
Claws of Veeshan:-26000
Defenders of the Seal:-49450
Drednever Expedition:-2000
Fordel Midst Trade Commission:10000
Gazers of the Overrealm:-42500
Gloompall Fairies:-39200
Goblins of Fire Peak:-39601
Kunzar Jungle Villagers:-41800
Legion of Danak:-41500
New Tunarian Citizens:-50000
Order of Bedlam:-6050
Pirates of Gunthak:-40800
Residents of Teren's Grasp:2400
The Academy of Arcane Science:0
The City of Freeport:5000
The City of Gorowyn:-15000
The City of Kelethin:-50000
The City of Neriak:14000
The City of New Halas:-50000
The City of Qeynos:-50000
The D'Vinnian Court:-43700
The Deathfist Orcs:-40400
The Dismal Rage:600
The Enchanted Reapers:-40300
The Far Seas Trading Company:500
The Freeport Militia:500
The Great Herd:-39490
The Green Hoods:-10300
The Guardians of the Vale:-9400
The Irontoe Brigade:-100
The Krulkiel Bugbears:-44900
The Lost Children of Marr:50000
The Lyrech:20600
The Muckflick Goblins:-44900
The Mystic Guardians:400
The Ree Orcs:-50000
The Runnyeye Goblins:-40900
The Sabertooth Gnolls:-41000
The Seafury Buccaneers:600
The Seamist Faeries:150
The Spirits of Marr:-41000
The Thexians:-48900
The Tribunal:8750
The Watchers of Timorous:3000
The Windgazer:7700
The Yarpsnarl Kobolds:-44900

DKP Information

Show the points information for this Char only

Point account name Earned Spent Adjustment Current Raids (30 days) Raids (60 days) Raids (90 days) Raids (lifetime)
DKP 88.00 0.00 105.00 193.00 67% (56/84) 33% (56/169) 22% (56/253) 73% (56/77)
... 1 entries found

Raid Attendance History

Date Name Note Value
10/24/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/24/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/24/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/24/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/24/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/24/21 Start of Raid 3.00
10/24/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/22/21 Half-Hour Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 1.00
10/22/21 Start of Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 3.00
10/22/21 Half-Hour Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 1.00
10/22/21 Half-Hour Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 1.00
10/22/21 Half-Hour Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 1.00
10/22/21 Half-Hour Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 1.00
10/22/21 End of Raid Raid Cancelled - Blanket DKP 3.00
10/18/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/18/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/18/21 Start of Raid 3.00
10/18/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/18/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/18/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/18/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/15/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/15/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/15/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/15/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/15/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/15/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/15/21 Start of Raid 3.00
10/13/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/13/21 Start of Raid 3.00
10/13/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/13/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/13/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/13/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/13/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/10/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/10/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/10/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/10/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/10/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/10/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/10/21 Start of Raid 3.00
10/06/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/06/21 Start of Raid 3.00
10/06/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/06/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/06/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/06/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/06/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/03/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/03/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/03/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/01/21 End of Raid 3.00
10/01/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/01/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
10/01/21 Half-Hour Raid 1.00
... 56 entries found

Item Purchase History

Date Buyer Name Raid Itempool Value
... 0 entries found

Individual Adjustment History

Date Reason Value
10/18/21 1st time kill + flawless - Victory of the Vicars 35.00
10/10/21 First Time Kill/Flawless - VaLiako Vess 35.00
10/03/21 1st time kill + flawless - Shadow Scrapper 35.00
... 3 entries found
Icon Event Raids (lifetime)
eventicon1 Carry over from old website
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon6 Bonus
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon7 Blank
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon2 Half-Hour Raid
73.00% (40/55)
eventicon3 Start of Raid
64.00% (7/11)
eventicon4 End of Raid
82.00% (9/11)
eventicon5 DKP Reset
0.00% (0/0)
... 7 entries found



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